Luoyang Longding Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Longding Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (LDHB) is an international enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of environmentally friendly sand washing equipment and industrial sludge treatment equipment. Our products cover the whole processes of sand making, sand washing, screening, dewatering and water & sludge management, which are widely applied in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, power, steel and other industries, we are always striving to innovate and provide advanced products and deliver flexible solutions to our valued customers.
In order to ensure the provision of high-quality equipment for customers, Longzhong Heavy Industry strives for perfection in the selection of raw materials and accessories, and has reached cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad to strictly control quality. With reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service, LDHB has won great praise from customers and established long-term cooperative relations with customers in Australia, Canada, America, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and South Africa etc.
LDHB not only has a professional equipment manufacturing plant, but also established a professional team in design, quality inspection and control, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. The workshop is equipped with advanced mechanical processing equipment, testing equipment and experimental equipment. We strictly manage, keep improving, design and manufacturing level constantly improve, and strive to provide our customers with real advanced and reliable products and satisfactory service!
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Main products includes vibrating screens, sand washing machine, sand recycling machine, dewatering screen, filter press, slurry treatment and deep cone thickener and associated spare parts in complete specifications and models.
Our series of products are exported to United States, Mexico, Serbia, Australia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, etc. more than ten countries, and are highly praised by customers.
So far, the company has won the national invention patent, appearance patent, utility model patent, etc., and its main products are dozens of series, dozens of specifications of sand washing machines, vibrating screens, slurry treatment and deep cone thickener, with complete models.
We have professional technical engineers, as well as the most enthusiastic customer service and field service team, who can continuously help customers through the whole life of their equipments.
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Longding's technical strength

Innovative research and development have always been the driving force for Longzhong's progress. In terms of product design, we have been updating and improving, and continuously improving production processes, quality control, and other aspects.

LDHB adheres to the path of technological innovation, constantly market-oriented, relying on advanced products, and gradually establishing a united and efficient research and development, manufacturing, and service team.

In addition, we are also committed to market research in the sand and gravel industry, including future development direction, evolution trend of industry competition pattern, technical standards, market size, potential problems, etc., to provide customers with objective, rational, and simple decision-making references.

Longding equipment spare parts support

A missing spare parts can lead to a standstill of entire plants and cause noticeable financial loss for their owners. The Spare Parts Service from LDHB is available all over the world and provides support through the fast delivery of genuine spare parts.

Customized spare parts packages for various products and solutions ensure the preventive storage of spare parts on site. Optimized logistics processes make sure that replacement parts reach their destination as fast as possible.

In addition to delivery, the LDHB’ logistics specialists take care of transportation, customs clearance, storage and order management, spare parts management, and logistics planning and management. Smooth and fast delivery of spare parts for a consistent availability of plants.

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The "Longding people" who strive for excellence in their products always hold the most rigorous attitude, focusing on technological innovation
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Luoyang Longding Environmental Technology has a perfect set of international trade system, ranging from international trade marketing
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If you want to know more cases or you have special needs in sand washing, you can contact us. Our professional technical team can customize professional solutions for you
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