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Luoyang Longding Environmental Technology has a perfect set of international trade system, ranging from international trade marketing to international trade negotiation and from domestic one-stop service to overseas localization service. LDHB Mining Machinery's international trade markets have been expanded across Asia, Africa, Latin America and other developing countries steadily and have been successfully extended into Europe, America and Australia.
Since the company fully implemented its globalization strategy, its overseas business has developed rapidly. As of now, Longding has established a global marketing service network system consisting of hundreds of distributors covering more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, becoming one of the enterprises with a steady pace of globalization development in the industry.
After years of business development, overseas businesses have gradually explored a suitable path for their global development: equipment has not yet emerged, service comes first. On the basis of protecting product technical performance and reliability, establish a product oriented and service based globalization strategy, cultivate global operational capabilities, and steadily promote overseas markets.
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We adhere to the policy of "bringing in and going out" for technological exchange and strategic cooperation
1.Invite foreign merchants to visit and inspect

Invite customers to come to the Longding Mining Equipment Workshop to visit and inspect the production vehicle equipment, product production process, etc. on site, and gain a further understanding of the company's main business situation.

Take the "the Belt and Road" as the implementation policy, strengthen cooperation with customers and show the strength of the company. Foreign merchants come for inspection and visit

2.Actively participate in international mining machinery industry exhibitions

Expand product exposure, reach out to potential customers, and obtain more orders and customer information.

Expand one's business contacts, learn about advanced technology or creativity in one's industry, and learn from growth in future production and marketing processes to continuously promote the development of the enterprise.

Make overseas trade more effective and efficient, laying the foundation for the further development of LDHB's overseas business.

In this situation, LDHB can continuously enhance its international competitiveness, participate in international competition and cooperation at a higher level, in a wider range of fields, and at the same time lead national industries to achieve leapfrog development.

Our goal is to become the world’s leading supplier of process solutions in the field of mineral processing. LDHB hopes to cooperate with all customers to make unremitting efforts to improve our living environment, promote the rational use of resources and achieve sustainable economic development.
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