Company Culture
Corporate culture can enhance a company's core competitiveness. In the actual operation of enterprises, corporate culture plays a series of roles such as cultural, spiritual, moral, material, and interest ties, and plays a crucial role in forming and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. Since its establishment, LDHB has always adhered to the corporate culture, never forgetting its original intention, and constantly moving forward with its corporate mission.
Rich amateur activities
Annual Meeting
Longding Holds a New Year Party
Team building
Longding organizes a one-day tour for all employees
Organize employee skill evaluation competitions
Visiting and learning at the production line
Donate materials to the disaster area
Organize entertainment events such as tug of war and table tennis
Core of corporate culture
Our goal
To make Longding serve the world
Our slogan
Strive hard, prosper and prosper
Longding Purpose
Pursuing Excellence and Founding the Longding Brand
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