EPC service

From early project research and planning to later market promotion and operation, Longzhong Heavy Industry provides you with comprehensive project guidance. Integrated turnkey services help you invest more effortlessly and operate with greater security.

The overall planning and specific implementation of the project will be completed by the professional technical team of Longzhong Heavy Industry, and the client is only responsible for managing and controlling the overall objectives. The contractual relationship is simpler than the traditional contracting model, and the responsibility subject is clear.

One-stop service

The sand and gravel production lines of Longding Environmental are installed throughout the entire process by after-sales installation personnel dispatched by the company. From preliminary survey and leveling of the production line site, to equipment installation and debugging, machine testing, and to various after-sales services after the completion of the production line construction.

Since the establishment, LDHB has regarded ” All is for clients” as its service goal and has provided high-quality, high-taste, high-efficient and all-around-way service for its clients. Our considerate service, accurate manufacture and reasonable price will satisfy you to the best. Service concept: All is for the clients and provide clients with high added value products .


Every installation process is a process of accumulating experience. Longding Environmental Technology has continuously summarized from the installation work of over a thousand production lines which errors cannot be made and which problems can be avoided. It is precisely this installation summary that has saved customers a lot of time and capital investment, ensuring that their production lines are put into operation as soon as possible.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.