Filter Press

Production Capacity: 0-20t/h

Filter Pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa

Applications: chemical, ceramic, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, smelting and other industries, as well as industrial filtration and sewage slurry treatment.

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Product Details
Product Details

Certain number of filter plates are tightly arranged in a row under the strong mechanical force. filterchamber is formed between filter plates. The filter material is sent into the filter chamber under stonepositive poressure for filtration. The solid parts of material is intercepted by filter cloth to form filter cake, and the liquid part passes through the filter cloth and discharges from filter chamber to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

Compared with other types of dehydrators, the mud cake has the highest solid content, small floor area and convenient transportation.


Organization chart:


  • 1.Groove 1
  • 2.Groove 2
  • 3.feed port
  • 4.belt guard
  • 5.bearing body
  • 6.impeller
  • 7.Ore outlet

Product advantages

Strong adaptability, flexible selection range of filtration area and less land occupation.It has strong adaptability to its materials and is suitable for all kinds of sludge dewatering treatment. the main engine is welded with national standard square tube, the surface is derusted by high-presOsure sand blasting and sprayed with four layers of carbon paint, which has the effect of anti acid and alkali corrosion for more than ten years. The filter cloth has good water permeability, is not easy to be blocked, and is easy to be cleaned and disassembled.

Model Capacity (t/h) Filter Area (m²) Filter Plate (mm) Plate Number (block) Filter Pressure (mpa) Overall Size (mm)
G100-100 2-3 100 1000*1000*60 62 0.6-0.8 7050*1625*1280
G250-125 5-7 250 1250*1250*70 95 0.6-0.8 10630*2540*1640
G500-150 11-12 500 1500*1500*78 128 0.6-0.8 14550*2820*1890
G800-200 18-20 800 2000*2000*83 114 0.6-0.8 14700*3500*2390

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