Paste Thickener

Max Feeding Size: 10mm

Production Capacity: 0-500t/h

Wastewater Purifying Rate: more than 90% wastewater can turn into clean water.

Applications: sand production line, aggregates wastewater treatment plants, mining, coal washing, metallurgy, municipal sewage, chemistry, etc.

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Product Details
Product Details

This product machine is for rapid purification and precipitation, which can be combined with other machine to form a system production line, and is widely used in sand and gravel plants, mining plants, ceramics, glass and other industries.


Organization chart:


  • 1.Overflow box
  • 2.Feeding opening
  • 3.Guardrail
  • 4.Platform
  • 5.Tank part
  • 6.Cone part
  • 7.Support legs
  • 8 Discharge mud pipe

Product advantages

1.Rational structure

It adopts working principles like suspension filtration, medium adsorption and precipitation, no purification film and wearing parts.

2.Corrosion resistance

The tank is made of qualified carbon steel (or stainless steel, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc), with good strength and corrosion resistance.


Service life is 10-15 years, low investment, remarkable economic benefit.

Model Capacity (t/h) Tank Height (mm) Volume (m³) Overall Size (mm)
S3040 <50 φ3000X4000 35 φ3000X8860
S3060 50-100 φ3000X6000 50 φ3000X10860
S6030 100-150 φ6000X3000 100 φ6000X9400
S6040 150-200 φ6000X4000 130 φ6000X10400
S6050 200-250 φ6000X5000 160 φ6000X11400
S6060 250-300 φ6000X6000 190 φ6000X12400
S8045 350-400 φ8000X4500 260 φ8000X10600
S8060 400-500 φ8000X6000 300 φ8000X12100

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