GX High-efficient Scrubbing and Washing Machine
The mixed material are sent to the scrubbing machine for full scrubbing firstly,and then go to wheel washer, for futher cleaning,to achieve the effect…
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Attrition Cell Scrubbers
The CX series scrubbing machine is widely used in the production process of high quality silica sand,quartz sand and other materials, and can also be …
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Sand Washing Machine
Sand washing & recycling machine is a combination of washing sand and dewatering and recovery of fine sand. The machine skillfully connects the fine s…
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Spiral Sand Washer
By spiral blade stirring, silt in sand will mix with water, then be discharged out by overflow port, and the sand are gradually discharged from the to…
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Wheel Sand Washer
The XSD series wheel sand washer is matched with the sand making machine. it is an important equipment to complete the mechanical sand and natural san…
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Dual Wheel Sand Washing Machine
Dual wheel sand washing & recycling machine is a multi-washing integrated equipment that is upgraded and developed based on the original sand washing …
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Spiral Sand Washing and Recycling Machine
The equipment has a reasonable integrated structure, adopts linear vibrating screen and spiral sand washing system realizes material cleaning, dehydra…
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Modular Wash Plant
This machine combines wheel sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine, dewatering screen, separator andother components into one, so that the …
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Portable Wash Plant
The whole equipment is composed of a mobile trailer chassis, screen, washer, dehydration recovery device,pump and motor components,conveyor belt, elec…
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Bucket Wheel Sand Washing Systems
The equipment is improved based on the traditional wheel sand washer and fine sand recoverymachine. It use natural precipitation of fine sand and spir…
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