Wheel Sand Washer

Max Feeding Size: 10mm

Production Capacity: 0-250t/h

Applications: sandstone factory, construction site, hydroelectric station dam, glass manufacturing and oil well development.

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Product Details
Product Details

The XSD series wheel sand washer is matched with the sand making machine. it is an important equipment to complete the mechanical sand and natural sand washing and selecting operation.it can wash out stone powder and other impurities, which can improve the sand quality mostly.


Organization chart:


  • 1.Tank
  • 2.Impeller
  • 3.Protect plate
  • 4.Reducer
  • 5.Motor
  • 6.Overflow opening
  • 7.Support frame

Product advantages

1.Simple structure

The drive bearing is isolated from water and materials, which greatly avoid damage caused by soaking in water,sand and other pollutants, the breakdown rate is reduced greatly.

2.Energy saving and environmental protection

In the process of sand washing, the loss of medium and fine sand and powder is minimized, and the grade and fineness can meet the required standard.

Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Impeller Size (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
XSD1808 ≤10 20-40 1800*800 3 3000*2400*1900
XSD2512 ≤10 30-80 2500*1200 4 3900*2900*2700
XSD3016 ≤10 60-120 3000*1600 5.5 4400*3300*3100
XSD3620 ≤10 80-160 3600*2000 7.5 5100*3750*3700
XSD3624 ≤10 120-200 3600*2400 11 5100*4100*3700
XSD4230 ≤10 160-250 4200*3000 15 6000*4800*4300

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