Dual Wheel Sand Washing Machine

Max Feeding Size: 10mm

Production Capacity: 0-250t/h

Multiple Functions: integrate sand washing, fines recycling, coarse and fines concentrated dehydration in one.

Applications: processing sand and gravel, quartz sand, aggregates, coal, ore, tailings, etc.

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Product Details
Product Details

Dual wheel sand washing & recycling machine is a multi-washing integrated equipment that is upgraded and developed based on the original sand washing and recycling equipOment according to customer’s feedback.


Organization chart:


  • 1.Wheel water tank
  • 2.Spray system
  • 3.Spray system
  • 4.Wheel washer feed end guard plate
  • 5.Cyclone(Once recycling)
  • 6.Wheel washer discharge end quard plate
  • 7.Wheel washer reducer(2 sets)
  • 8.Wheel washer motor(2 sets)
  • 9.Wheel washer outlet hopper
  • 10.Screen motor support
  • 11.Gyclone(secondary recycling
  • 12.Dewatering screen
  • 13.Rubber spring
  • 14.Water tank under screen
  • 15.Slurry pump
  • 16.Discharge end spring leg
  • 17.Feed end spring leg
  • 18.Overflow launder
  • 19.Reducer mounting bracket (2 sets)
  • 20 Slurry pump

Product advantages

1.Powerful functions

Sand will be much cleaner by twice washing and the mud content is much lower than the national standards. It is powerful, together washing, fine sand recovery, and dewatering.

2.Energy saving and environmental protection

The centrifugal cyclones can recover the fine sand in waste-water, effectively reducing the loss of fine sand.

Model Feed Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Impeller Size (mm) Hydrocyclone (mm) Screen Panel (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
2DL40 ≤10 20-40 1800X800 250X2 1200X2400 32.4 7120X3650X2160
2DL60 ≤10 30-60 2500X1200 300X2 1500X3000 44 8900X5560X2750
2DL80 ≤10 40-80 3000X1600 300X2 1800X4200 52 11600X5860X3370
2DL100 ≤10 60-120 3000X1600 350X2 1800X4200 63 11600X5860X3370
2DL150 ≤10 100-150 3600X2000 300X4 2400X4200 97 12800X6560X3970
2DL200 ≤10 120-200 3600X2400 350X4 3000X4800 126 12800X7150X4170
2DL250 ≤10 160-250 4200X3000 300X6 3600X6000 164 14400X7740X4860

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