Generation and solution of bearing problems of rotary drum screen

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Cooperation Time: Nov.,2019

The rotary drum screen is a vibrating screen with circular motion track, which has the advantages of high speed, high screening accuracy and wide range. The routine maintenance of the rotary drum screen is very important, particulary in the bearing problems.


The bearing problems of  trommel screen

The trommel screen exciter drives the symmetrical eccentric block structure to produce high-speed operation. When the eccentric block of the equipment falls off or the size of the eccentric block is inconsistent after long-term use, the rotating speed of the equipment is abnormal. At this time, the eccentric block structure should be replaced in time to ensure that the two deflection blocks of the roller screen are the same size and work in balance. The roller screen bearing is easy to produce friction and temperature rise after abnormal rotation speed. When the roller screen bearing lacks lubricating oil or the added lubricating oil does not meet the requirements of the equipment, the labyrinth sealing device of the roller screen will be blocked and the temperature of the bearing structure will rise above the specified range. At this time, check the lubrication system of the equipment in time In order to ensure that the lubricant is fully cleaned, the bearing shall be disassembled for thorough cleaning in case of blockage; if the sealing ring is damaged or the bearing is worn after wear, the sealing ring and bearing shall be replaced in time and the alignment shall be readjusted. After screening, screening and grading of materials will continue.

heavy duty trommel screen

How to solve the problem of bearing heat of trommel screen shaft ?

The working principle of the roller screen depends on the excitation force to drive the screen surface to have a certain frequency and amplitude, so that materials can be screened on the screen surface, and materials with different sizes can be screened out Come out. However, the vibration speed of the exciter will slow down and the bearing temperature will rise when it is working. If this happens, the operator needs to stop and check the screen immediately to check the problem in time This ensures proper operation of the linear screen.


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