What kind of sand washer is used to process tailings

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Tailing sand is the product of magnetic separation of iron ore processed by ball mill. Its particle size is relatively uniform and contains some iron components. Tailings sand is generally discharged as waste, it will not only pollute the environment, but also a waste of resources in this way. After the tailings sand is treated by the sand washing machine, clean construction sand can be obtained. So what kind of sand washer is better for tailings? Generally, it can be divided into two categories, one is screw type sand washer, the other is wheel bucket sand washer. This paper focuses on the introduction of spiral sand washing machine for tailing sand treatment.


Spiral sand washing machine:

it is to fully mix the materials through the spiral device inside the equipment, so as to make the soil and impurities in the stone mix with water, and discharge them from the outflow port of the machine body, while the clean stone is gradually screened under the drive of the spiral device, and discharged from the discharge port at the top, so as to achieve the cleaning, screening and grading effect of sand and stone. During operation, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through the V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand is sent to the washing tank through the feeding tank. Driven by the impeller, it rolls violently and grinds each other. The impurities and lime soil on the surface of the sand are removed by inertia and friction. At the same time, the water vapor layer on the surface of the sand is destroyed to help the sand dehydrate. Then a large amount of water is added to form a strong Water flow. After the impurities and other foreign matters are washed away by the water flow in time, they will be discharged from the overflow outlet washing tank to complete the cleaning work. Lastly, clean sand and stone are taken away by the blade, and the cleaned sand and stone are poured into the discharge chute, cleaned, and then sent to the finished product pile by the conveyor, which is the finished sand and stone.


In order to select a good sand washing machine to deal with tailings, the following aspects should be analyzed:

1.Impurity content of tailings sand

If the impurity content of tailing sand is not very high, the wheel bucket type sand washing machine can be selected when the sand is relatively clean. If not, the screw type sand washing machine is recommended.

2.Fineness of tailings sand

If the fineness of tailing sand is relatively fine, it is suggested to select the wheel bucket type sand washing machine,Otherwise, the screw type sand washing machine can be selected to reduce the loss rate of fine sand.

3.Output of tailings sand

If the output requirement of tailings sand is relatively high, the screw type sand washing machine can be selected. Or  else, the wheel bucket type sand washing machine can be selected.

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