JR Banana Screen

Max Feeding Size: 10mm

Types: single layer and double layer

Working Area: 5.7m²~30.2m²

Applications: aggregates production and in mining operations

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Product Details
Product Details

JR banana screen is suitable for dry and wet screening of coal, mines, sand and gravel aggregates; it has grading, de-intermediation, desliming, and dehydration etc multi functions; Accroding to different screening area and capacity, it adopts different screen slot size, number of screen surface segments and screen surface inclination angle, it has single-layer and double-layer products, working area 5.7m2~30.2m2, total are 20 main specifications and models, which can basically meet various types of mines and coal preparation plant production needs.


Organization chart:


  • 1.Screen frame
  • 2.Spring support
  • 3.Spring
  • 4.Outlet support
  • 5.Motor frame
  • 6.Box type vibrator
  • 7.Inlet support
  • 8.Universal coupling
  • 9.Transmission device
  • 10.Motor
  • 11.Inlet screen surface
  • 12.middle section screen surface
  • 13.Outlet screen surface

Banana screen is mainly composed of screen frame, spring, spring upper support, outlet support, motor frame, box type vibrator, inlet frame support, cross universal coupling, transmission device, motor, inlet screen surface, middle section screen surface and outlet screen surface.

Main beam

1.The main beam of the screen machine adopts a three-shaped beam structure, which overcomes the problem of poor force in the middle of the square beam.
2. Rib board is installed inside, which has high rigidity and light weight.
3.Post-weld annealing treatment to perfectly eliminate welding stress.
4. The surface is machined to ensure a tight connection with the screen machine and the vibrator.

Model Layer Qty Screen size(W*L) (m) Screen Area(m²) Segment Qty
JR1848 1 1.8×4.8 8.6 4
JR1861 1 1.8×6.1 10.8 5
JR2448 1 2.4×4.8 11.5 4
JR2461 1 2.4×6.1 14.4 5
JR2473 1 2.4×7.3 17.2 6
JR2485 1 2.4×8.5 20.1 7
JR3061 1 3.0×6.1 18 5
JR3073 1 3.0×7.3 21.6 6
JR3085 1 3.0×8.5 25.2 7
JR3661 1 3.6×6.1 21.6 5
JR3673 1 3.6×7.3 25.9 6
Model Layer Qty Screen size(W*L) (m) Screen Area(m²) Segment Qty
2JR1861 2 1.8×6.1 10.8 5
2JR2461 2 2.4×6.1 14.4 5
2JR2473 2 2.4×7.3 17.2 6
2JR3061 2 3.0×6.1 18 5
2JR3073 2 3.0×7.3 21.6 6
2JR3661 2 3.6×6.1 21.6 5
2JR3673 2 3.6×7.3 26 5

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